Ramblers Cinderella Story Continues

David Carey

Staff Writer

The eleven-seeded Loyola Ramblers have been making history and have caught the eyes of the nation. The nation seems to be riding along on the Cinderella roller coaster with the basketball team from Chicago. Their journey started off on March 15th where the Ramblers were able to pull off a last-second miracle buzzer-beater to beat 6 seeded Miami.

Their next game came only two days later, when they took down 3 seeded Tennessee. This lead the team to the Sweet Sixteen. Even the love of Loyola Sister Jean had the Ramblers losing in the round of 16, but the Ramblers kept the season alive by beating Nevada by one point in the Sweet Sixteen. This past Saturday, the Ramblers made history by defeating Kansas State in the Elite Eight by 16. The Ramblers are now facing off against the hot Michigan Wolverines in the Final Four and have their eyes set on the championship.

The nation has been captivated by the Cinderella team and the stigma around Sister Jean of Loyola. Sister Jean has been traveling with the team and was quoted saying, “I told them that they were going to win, that we could do it and that God would be on our side.”

Photo Source: NBC Chicago.

It should also be noted that Loyola would be the first Chicagoland team to reach a national championship for college sports since Benedictine University reached the Division III national basketball championship back in 2016.