If Public Safety Is a Top Priority…

Omair Ali

Perspectives Editor

Do guns kill people or do they not? Will taking guns away from people reduce gun violence or will it not? Will the 2nd amendment be taken away because of implementing gun control? These are some of the questions that society is currently tackling as we are witnessing during atrocities that now include frequent school shootings. In fact, keeping schools safe has become a public priority in America, as many people have launched protests to publicize their concerns. The desire to respond to school shootings stems from a growing number of school shootings and other forms of mass violence over the last several years, if not the last few decades.

Public safety should be our biggest priority. Photo credit:

Stricter gun control has been the response of many individuals across the country after a stream of incidents of mass violence that has touched our nation’s heart for the past few years. Some believe that stricter access to weapons will eventually make for safer public environments. Others believe that keeping guns will allow good people to deal with the bad people who possess guns. It is also interesting to note that the prevalence of violence in the United States could be related more to culture than some would expect, as there are other countries with high ownership of guns that have less gun violence.

In our society, people ought to have the right to safety, which is far more important than the issue of possessing guns. When people don’t feel safe anymore, what should society’s response be? Does guaranteeing safety mean our society must prioritize an agreement on private gun possessions and the 2nd amendment? Only if we know for certain that gun possession is at the root of the problem, and this is not certain.

Clearly, reform needs to take place, and remaining stuck on disagreements becomes highly unproductive, if not dangerous to those who are vulnerable to falling victim to murderers that could overcome existing safety measures. In other words, remaining in the same place is leaving room for future mass shootings and violence in our safest public space.

Therefore, there is one solution that is clear: if people want to be protected in the future, then they better start fighting for their right to be safe in the future.