“A Quiet Place” Looks to Open Strong in Box Office

Emily Nitti

Scene Editor

The next Hollywood thriller is coming when John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place hits theaters on April 6. Krasinski, who is best known as nice guy Jim Halpert in the TV show The Office, takes audiences down a dark, silent road in his most recent directorial project.

The new thriller, A Quiet Place, looks to be the next horror film to smash the box office. Photo credit:

In the movie, a family is forced to live in silence to avoid being found by vicious creatures who hunt humans using superior sense of sound. Krasinski stars as the father figure in the movie along with his real-life wife, actress Emily Blunt, taking the role as his on-screen wife as they attempt to keep their family out of harm’s way. The movie, which is currently rated 100% fresh on, follows in the footsteps of other recently successful thrillers such as It and Get Out.

According to, A Quiet Place is projected to make between $16 million and $30 million for its opening weekend which would be a positive projection for the film’s $17 million budget. So far, the movie has received praise from critics that enjoy the new spin on the horror genre.

Screen Daily Chief Film Critic Fionnuala Halligan described A Quiet Place as, “a startlingly sensory experience. Full of jumps and scares and carefully-crafted twists.” Looking at the family aspect of the story, Vanity Fair Film Critic Joanna Robinson said, “In the end, it’s not the monsters of A Quiet Place that will suck audiences in, and that might be Krasinski’s most impressive accomplishment of all.”

Tickets for the premiere of A Quiet Place at Cinemark at Seven Bridges are available for the 7 PM and 9:20 PM show times on Thursday, April 5.