Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Visits BenU Tuesday for Q&A

Jennifer Flores

News Editor

Current Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner visited Benedictine Tuesday for a Question and Answer session with students and faculty in Goodwin 411.  On Tuesday, Benedictine announced Rauner’s visit to campus via email with a disclaimer, “Note: We are also extending invitations to the other gubernatorial candidates for separate visits.”

Rauner began the session by giving a description of who he was from his upbringing to the reaction of his family when he announced to them that he was going to run for governor. He also reiterated the importance of higher education and why he was visiting Benedictine.

“Education is my passion,” said Rauner.

A volunteer from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense came to the event and questioned  Rauner about the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 1657 that the Sun-Times had reported on earlier that morning, which received an applause from the crowd. Rauner confirmed his intent to have the bill vetoed.

Benedictine University President Michael Brophy introducing Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to crowd to start the afternoon. Photo Credit: Jennifer Flores.

“We determined that particular bill was going to create a lot of extra cost, a lot of extra bureaucracy and really have very little impact on increasing safety for families of Illinois,” said Rauner.

Issues regarding high education were also discussed. Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development Joan Henehan brought up how Map Grant issuing was being pushed back in the year during the Governor’s term.

“To be crystal clear, I strongly support our Map Grant program and I support expanding it and increasing funding for Map Grants,” said Rauner in response.

The Q&A went smoothly and ended with Rauner accepting to take pictures with students and other guests at the end.

Rauner will be running as a Republican governor candidate in the upcoming election. The Democratic and Republican general primary elections will take place on March 20th and the general election will take place on November 6th.