Benedictine Experiences Suspected WiFi Outage

Anbiya Saleem

Staff Writer

Many students had trouble connecting to the Benedictine Main Campus WiFi this past week. The issue allegedly began over the past weekend and carried into the following week. Students reported they did not receive any emails or notifications regarding the WiFi issues.

The issue has since been resolved. However, it wasn’t until around 5pm on Monday evening that there was a solution to the problem.

“I wasn’t able to access my notes for my classes [or] the PowerPoint notes on D2L my professor puts ups”said health science sophomore Ali Quadri.

Quadri hadn’t known about the issue when he came to class on Monday. The Wi-Fi issue also affected his studying for his midterms later on in the week.  

Andrew Tran, a student worker who was on-duty in the library during the issue came to the library to get some homework done on Sunday, his personal laptop was having issues connecting. Tran said his friends’ MacBooks and iPhones had no trouble at all, and the school’s desktop computers worked just fine.

The Wi-Fi issue only affected some students and the majority of them being PC users. Tran thought it was just his own computer that was having issues, until he heard other people complain the following Monday.

“Two students asked me about it and we told them we couldn’t do anything about it…A lot of people were concerned and wondering what was going on” said Tran about working in the library on Monday.

Benedictine experienced a suspected WiFi outage over the weekend as students suffered issues with connection on their PCs. Photo Credit: Google.

Students who worked for the IT department weren’t notified of any issue before coming to work on Monday either.

“I noticed it Saturday evening,”said an IT student worker “I asked [coworkers] if they had any information from anybody above them, but they said they didn’t know anything.”

Tran reported noticing the WiFi stop working for Apple devices as well between 10am and 5pm on Monday. He believes the IT department was attempting to resolve the issues during this time.