Samara Wiley

Staff Writer

Set in 1962 Baltimore in a Government Laboratory, Elisa, a mute and hardworking cleaning maid, discovers a mysterious sea creature and ends up bonding with it through interactions and a communication system only they can understand. Their bond begs the question of what it means to truly look past differences to understand one another, in a world not meant for them.  Directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring a vastly talented cast like Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Octavia Spencer, and many more this star-studded cast takes us on an adventure of love, difference, ethics, and morals and what does it means to be defined as a human.

A non-conventional fairytale! A must see!
In 2018, this film made a splash into theaters and possibly has a better love story than Twilight! Its left an impression on audiences. Photo credit:

Review: A splash into the non-conventional Romeo and Juliet awaits with this film, I rated this film a four. Despite the unexpected intimate scenes that added to the drama, the science, and everything else that makes this visually captivating, this film uses language to communicate and traverse how small ounces of communication can make big impacts. This storyline that was created was truly looking beyond the outer body and capturing the mind instead. The story that develops between these two characters was a strange and alluring at the same time. Although the action was great, the film moved a little bit slow, despite this small detail, this film told a story of two unlikely beings connecting on a deeper level. If you want an unconventional love story that in my opinion, goes into Twilight territory, then look no further than The Shape of Water. It truly tests the constraints of beauty, acceptance, and freedom. This film, may be strange but it says a lot without saying much at all. This film chooses to take the lesser of two beings and turn it into strength.