Anbiya Saleem

Staff Writer

For the second year in a row, Benedictine held the highly anticipated Teach-In. The event, which took place on Monday, began with students checking in at Goodwin Auditorium as early as  8 A.M. to watch the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Catherine S. Ramírez speak about assimilation and the difficulties that come with it.   

Following the keynote presentation, students were encouraged to attend any of the available 28 Concurrent Sessions. Many of the smaller sessions were held in classrooms to facilitate more intimate conversations about the Social Justice and Inequality theme.

Concurrent sessions were split into two groups, with the morning sessions focusing on Identities, Movement & Migration, and the afternoon sessions focusing on Gender, Racial & Economic Inequality. Topics included LGBT issues, racism, gender norms, sexual assault and a variety of other issues relating to the day’s themes.

Keynote Speaker Catherine Ramirez gives discusses assimilation and it’s difficulties at this year’s Teach In. Photo by Anbiya Saleem

“It was really enlightening,” says Nida Haider, who attended the Migration, Race & Human Dignity session,“Definitely the point of making sure that we’re listening and we’re empathetic …that really resonated with me.”

The St. Benedict Chapel held Mass at noon, followed by lunch in the Krasa Dining Hall. A second Keynote speaker, Kevin Corval, spoke about Hip Hop and Social Justice before the afternoon sessions commenced.

This year’s Teach-In was undeniably a success, with many speakers reporting packed rooms.

“I hope this year becomes more of a success than it was last year, even though last year was a tremendous success and that moving forward we’re able to keep making progress and that this remains a staple at the university.”said Kellan McCullum, a Senior at Benedictine.

The day wrapped up with an Activism Fair in the Goodwin Hall Lobby, featuring representatives from various local charities and organizations, ready and waiting to help inspired students take the next steps in activism.

“I don’t know how many other schools who would have something like this and especially because of how diverse we are,”said Haider, “I think it’s beautiful.”