Trump Dating Sites are Innovative, Polarizing and Ineffective

Omair Ali

Perspectives Editor

Never has there been a political dating platform until the advent of President Trump. Now, it seems that people are capitalizing on our nation’s polarized state and have decided that online dating can also be politicized. and offer a hopeful alternative for disgruntled Trump supporters who have been struggling to find potential partners online. Although Trump Singles has been around for a while, launched last week and is looking to draw a crowd of passionate, but disgruntled Trump supporters who are in search for love.

The homepage for the new Trump Singles dating website. Photo Credit: Nydailynews,com claims that, “it’s not uncommon to see messages like No Trump supporters or Proud liberal,” suggesting that Trump supporters struggle to find matches on other dating websites. At the same time, the founders of, “believe that by matching patriotic and political viewpoints as a base foundation of the relationship, it will allow one to focus on what really matters…” But since when were political views and patriotism at the core of romantic relationships? is controversial because it only allows heterosexual people to seek partners. Yet, allows married people to find partners, which undermines conservative values related to family and fidelity. But, Trump supporters who happen to be gay or lesbian can seek partners on Trump Singles.

Still, dating websites are ineffective at matchmaking. Even if thousands flock to these Trump dating websites, they might become the objects of ridicule, as internet trolls can flood the site with fake profiles and fool other users with pro-Trump slogans and images of attractive people. Fake profiles are common on dating sites and can present certain dangers, as the Better Business Bureau has recently reported.

It is also not entirely known how significant of a role political views play in relationships. But a recent survey showed that 72%, “would date someone from a different political party,” indicating a general sense of openness to potential matches’ political views. Still, the fallout of the last presidential election has complicated and even severed many relationships across the country.

Although keeping people happy is one of our nation’s priorities, no existing algorithm or approach will make it easier for people to find romantic partners online, even when their political views are compatible with others. Simply put, Trump dating platforms do not look like they will revolutionize online dating, nor will they make America love again.

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