Jennifer Flores

News Editor

The Indian Student Association (ISA) put on its third formal last Friday in the Goodwin Hall atrium. However, there was a special twist to this year’s formal that made it different from year’s past.

“Formal is sort of like ‘Indian prom’ and this year’s theme was ‘shaddi’ which in Hindi translates into ‘wedding’,” said Aditya Kapoor, attendee of event, “This year’s formal had a lot of delicious food, great music and had a room full of people dressed and ready to dance the night away and make memories.”

The event included a mock wedding where the ‘bride” and “groom” walked in on their respective sides. There was also a featured dance as well as a cake that the “couple” cut. The evening was a “reception”.

This event featured Indian music and cuisine as a form of sharing Indian culture with the guests, however it wasn’t all fun and games.

An ISA poster advertising the formal event on campus. Photo Credit: ISA.

“Tremendous amount of work went into formal and it all paid off at the end,” said Feena Chirayath ISA co-president, “It was a huge success!”

The banquet hall was elegantly decorated and  the night was enjoyed by 130 people, according to ISA. Indian culture and religion will work together when both the Hindu Student Association and Indian Student Association present Indian Night which will be held on April 6th at 7 PM.