Vaios Karagiannis

Staff Writer

The Student Activities and Leadership Development group at sponsored the Free Bowling Night Event at Lisle Lanes bowling alley on Thursday. The event was free for all Benedictine students from 7:30PM-11:00PM. The free bowling night included three free games and a free shoe rental as long as students showed their Benedictine ID card to the employees at the bowling alley.

Many Benedictine students came to the event and almost all came in groups. Senior Marc Smith came to the event with a group of friends who are part of the Music Department at Benedictine University.

Photo of Benedictine Senior Donnie Rollins bowling in action. Photo taken by Vaios Karagiannis.

“I like that we get free games and shoes for free.” said Smith at the end of the night, “It was a lot of fun, I got a chance to hang out with my friends. This event is definitely a destressor.”

Smith scored a 123 on the first game, a 141 his second game, and a 143 his last game.

Freshman Anna Fisher who was also a member of Smith’s group also voiced her enjoyment of the event.

“Well I like that I was able to come out with my friends to this event,” said Fisher, “I liked the games mostly, laughing at my mistakes in bowling and cheering about the triumphs of my strikes.”

Overall, the bowling event was enjoyable for all the students. Every student had a great time bowling with their friends and showed a great example of camaraderie.