Matthew Naughton

Staff Writer

The Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum Naturalist Club is hosting Darwin Day activities throughout the week in order to celebrate Darwin Day. Darwin Day is a celebration meant to highlight both Charles Darwin’s contributions to science, as well as promote science in general.

On Monday, the JSNM Naturalist Club hosted the “Frog Frolic,” an event where participants had to search for hidden frogs scattered throughout the Birck Hall of Science. If participants found a frog and brought it back to the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum they received a sweet treat. There were close to 70 participants in the “Frog Frolic” and a number of them ended up either asking about or joining the JSNM Naturalist Club according to JSNM Club members present.

“We’re hoping to give people on campus a stress reliever and get them to enjoy life more,” said Michael Skoara, President of the JSNM Naturalist Club.

The Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum will be handing out free Darwin Day buttons this week in order to celebrate Darwin Day. Image credit: Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum Naturalist Club. Photo Credit: Benedictine University Email.

Other Darwin Day activities hosted by the JSNM Club include a bake sale Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a scavenger hunt in the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum. Benedictine students who complete the scavenger hunt will be added to a raffle for a $10 Starbucks gift card.

While Darwin Day officially occurred on Monday, February 12th (Charles Darwin’s birthday), the JSNM Naturalist Club will be celebrating Darwin Day this Friday with series of talks in the Goodwin Auditorium from 9:00am-12:30pm. The talks will include presentations from professors, a Q&A session, and keynote speaker, Dr. Jack Gilbert: “Understanding the Microbial Diversity of our Planet and Ourselves.”