The Candor

Heavy Snow Causes Campus to Close Early

Jennifer Flores

News Editor

On Monday, campus was closed early due to heavy predicted snowfall. This affected not only the classes for the rest of the day, but also events as all school activities were cancelled for the day including the Black Student Union’s Poetry Slam that was scheduled for 7:00PM in Coal Ben.

“Due to the snow, all classes and activities at Benedictine University’s Lisle campus, Naperville campus, and all off-site locations in Northern Illinois are cancelled beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 5, 2018,”said the BenAlert system in an email.

By the end of the day  there was only 0.13in of snow that fell that day. This is the largest snowfall for that day in recent history. However, visibility during the snowfall was only 5 miles.

Students were still affected as many had to either drive back to campus or make their commutes back home.

Snow covers Benedictine University, causing classes after 4 PM on Monday to be cancelled. Photo Credit: Logan Hanson

“It was difficult,” said Senior Matt Braun, “There were many cautious drivers which slowed down traffic and caused a pretty long delay on my way back to campus.”

The annual BSU:Black History Month Poetry Slam had to be cancelled on Monday the day of the event, which was a very short notice for members of the organization. The cancellation email was sent to students at 2:00 PM on Monday. This event usually deals with members of BSU coming to the stage to share a variety of poems and songs they had created.

“It was disappointing to have to cancel the event, a lot of students were excited about coming out to perform poems and songs they’d been working really hard on,” said Senior Victor Johnson, a member of BSU.

The Poetry Slam will be rescheduled for a later date that has yet to be announced.