Vaios Karagiannis

Staff Writer

On February 1, 2018, Benedictine’s Black Student Union held The Keys To Success On The Corporate Climb in Goodwin Hall. The featured panelists for this event were Jason Lunderman and Traci Ellis.

Lunderman is Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Comcast Greater Chicago Region. Ellis is the Executive Director of Human Resources of Illinois Math and Science Academy. The panelists discussed skills that are essential for networking.

“Networking is about building relationships for mutual benefit,” said Ellis.

Ellis believes the contacts in your network of people are important because those people can become assets for one in the future. Ellis gave examples of how one can have better networking skills in small ways. Asking for help from those around you will help you succeed, whether it’s having someone you know write a recommendation letter or having a friend look over your portfolio. The connections one makes can improve the chances of success.

“It’s important to know people down the road in life because you don’t know if they might help you out in the future or you don’t know if you might help them out in the future,” said Lunderman.

Both panelists talked about the importance of following your dreams and going for the career that you love. Ellis discussed the significance of applying yourself and going out to find a career that you are passionate about. She talked about how college students should be curious and get out in the world in order to find what they are passionate about.

A flier for the Benedictine Black Student Union’s event ‘Keys to Success on the Corporate Climb’. Photo Credit: Benedictine Black Student Union.

Ellis explained of the vast job opportunities out in the world and some don’t even exist yet. She believes finding what your passionate about and reaching for it is what success is all about. Ellis recommends finding people we know very well who can help us achieve our career.

Lunderman recommends that we should do what we love.  Lunderman believes that students should go to events and get inspired.

Overall the panelists want students to use their passions to drive them forward to find a career they will enjoy doing the reset of their lives. The true key to success is passion and drive to push oneself to attain it.