Jennifer Flores

News Editor

“Female students are 4 times more likely to be a victim of rape or sexual assault than males,” according to the It’s on Us Homepage. With jarring facts such as this one, it is up to all people to protect one another. During the It’s on Us Sexual Assault Panel that took place on Monday in the Krasa Center, it was a goal to make sexual assault everyone’s problem and to stop ignoring the issue and just hoping that it will go away.

It’s On Us is a national movement to end sexual assault that launched in 2014. Photo Credit:

During the event, there was a discussion about how everyone is a bystander. Everyone is responsible for stepping up for one another because if we don’t then no one will. People must recognize situations that require intervention and do something about it. Simply going up to someone and distracting them in many situations would be a great help.

“This seminar was an impactful first step to engage and empower our community to do something small or big to work towards ending sexual assault and harassment on our campus,” said Senior Sharyn Doden, one of the main people for the panel.

Intervention doesn’t always have to be a daunting task. To do simple acts such as going over to a friend that might be in distress would suffice. It never hurts to try to be there for one another. As well as intervening doesn’t always have to be for situations that might result in sexual assault, one can also intervene for people when they have had too much to drink or are being bullied.

If one is in doubt about how to intervene, you can always tell the victim that you don’t know how to help but that you are there for them. If you know someone who has been sexually assaulted, present them with the resources so that they may use it if they so choose. Don’t force anyone to do something they are uncomfortable doing. If you need help with learning how to help others or you yourself are the victim of an assault, you can always contact the Counseling Center or a teacher that you feel comfortable with.

Below is a video where It’s On Us collaborated with College Humor to show how significant the issue of sexual assault is in today’s world.