Jennifer Flores

News Editor

On January 16th, the internationally recognized photojournalist Karl Grobl came to campus to share his work and inspirations. The Benedictine University Alum presented to a mixture of faculty, students and community members.

Prior to the event there was a program handed out allowing the public to read about Mr. Grobl. The presentation was about his life journey and how he took photographs for “more than 85 different NGOs in over 50 countries.”   

“With a keen awareness and reverence for human dignity, Karl creates photographs that not only educate and motivate but also stir the viewer’s deep emotions,” said Karl Grobl’s biography in the Komechak Art Gallery program.

Benedictine Alum Karl Grobl hosted his first art show at Benedictine on January 16. Photo Credit: Karlgrobl,com

This was very special event that was prepared because it was Grobl’s first art show according to Teresa Parker, instructor and one of the organizers for the event. The event was a huge success because of the presentation and the panel that followed. The panel consisted of a Benedictine Senior and two Benedictine Professors. The panel was an interactive experience that dealt with how Grobl was able to do his work in both physical closeness but also how he was able to get close to people emotionally.

The turnout for the event was great and had between 80-100 people.

“I think the great success overall, was for the students to see what one of the alumnus can do and he is making a difference around the world,” said Parker, “It speaks well of the institution and the school and gives students an idea of what they can do.”