Logan Hanson


Benedictine University is expected to increase the cost of undergraduate tuition for the 2018-2019 school year according to an email by University President Michael Brophy. This increase marks two consecutive years where the undergraduate tuition has increased for students at the Lisle campus.

“In setting tuition, the Board of Trustees considered our students’ educational needs, Benedictine’s future development, competitive market factors, and affordability,” said Brophy in the email.

According to the email, the increase will be by 1%, bringing the cost of tuition for students on the Lisle campus from $32,400 to $32,720 for the school year. The increase will only affect the students on the Lisle campus, as the Mesa campus tuition cost is expected to remain unchanged at $21,300 according to the email.

“Every consideration is being given to settling all 2018-2019 rates as they are an important element in the University’s effort to become a first-choice Catholic university in our service regions and in all modalities,” said Brophy.

Benedictine University is expected to increase the undergraduate tuition for Lisle campus students for the 2018-2019 school year. Photo Credit: Ben.edu.

Benedictine University increased the cost of attendance for students last year. Current students are concerned about the future increase and hope the trend does not continue.

“I just think that they shouldn’t keep raising it every year,” said Junior Gianna Toniolo, “It makes it difficult because it’s always changing. I wish they would just increase the tuition for those people coming in instead of having people go multiple years with increasing price.”

An update on all costs for the 2018-2019 school year for both undergraduate and graduate students is expected to be posted on the school’s website on February 1.