Sexual harassment and abuse has become an important issue lately. (Photo by Edith Castro Roldán, Oscar Manuel Luna Nieto)

The Candor Staff

In light of the recent events occurring in Hollywood and across the nation regarding sexual harassment and assault allegations, it is critical to understand that sexual harassment and assault cannot be tolerated. The string of allegations, which initially started with actresses bringing accusations against Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein, have circulated throughout the country from regarded actors and TV personalities to even the president of our country.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault cannot be tolerated by the citizens of our country. It is important for people to become more open about these incidents and report them to the proper authorities. It is critical that our society makes a stand now that prevents these types of actions from growing and no longer be accepted as “that is just the way life works”. This is especially important on college campuses where the acts occur, but remain mostly unreported.

The Candor does not condone these types of actions on or near our campus and urges those people whose lives have been affected by these types of actions to report the issues to the proper authority so that they can be handled with care and diligence. Now is not the time to become complacent, instead it is the time to promote and push for change. The Candor encourages the continuous reporting by students of these types of situations to law enforcement to help prevent further issues in the future.

If you or someone you know has something to report please contact Campus Police at: (630) 829-6666 (emergency) or (630) 829-6122 (non-emergency.)