Jennifer Flores

Staff Writer

For the past week Benedictine suffered from the attack of a computer virus. The first all campus email regarding the cyber-attack was sent on Tuesday, November 14th at 7:28 AM. This message was from Cheryl Gregorek the Director of Enterprise Applications, the message was simple and said, “MyBenU and PeopleSoft HCM systems are down. Please know that we are doing everything we can to get the systems back on line.” The same day at 10:22 AM MyBenU was back online.

At 6:41, John Jeries, the Chief information Officer, sent an email regarding that MyBenU was down due to a virus. The virus came onto the Benedictine network through an unprotected device.

“Due to the severity of the virus infection yesterday some servers were being attacked so hard, that the defense system of these servers caused some to freeze and require a restart,” said Jeries via email to campus, “That was the time that we had the service out for the following systems: student system, MyBenU, and the PeopleSoft HCM system.  We fixed these systems and restored them later in the morning and got the all systems back up.”

Benedictine University had a computer virus enter the community servers causing problems for students. Photo Credit:

Due to the virus attacks, whenever one tries to access Google on a computer connected the Benedictine network, one must go through a series of “I am Human” tests. These tests can be a bit frustrating at times but are necessary for added security.

There was another message sent to the students on Thursday, November 17th regarding an antivirus that can be used for Apple and Android devices. This is in an effort to help prevent another virus finding its way into the Benedictine network in the future.