Benedictine Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner

Zaakirah Mujid

Staff Writer

Pictured are students gathering around a table to be served food. University President Michael Brophy is assisting. Photo Credit: Zaakirah Mujid.

325 pounds of mashed potatoes, 1,000 pounds of turkey (some halal), 1,100 slices of pie, and 1,200 deviled eggs later, the 40th annual Benedictine University Thanksgiving Dinner became a success.

Students, staff, alumni and their families gathered together in the Krasa dining hall on November 16 for the Thanksgiving dinner provided by the Sodexo Team. Cost of entry was $9.25 or one meal swipe. Over 1,000 people attended the dinner according to an email on behalf of the Sodexo Team.

Sodexo, along with volunteers, worked days before the dinner to prepare the food and arrange tables and decorations. The event was a way for everyone to show their thanks for one another, as well as their thanks for the University.

“[I am thankful for] just to be able to go to school and play baseball,” said Benedictine student Jonathan Hodo. He also expressed his thanks for the professors at the school, as well as the friends he has made.

The next holiday meal, the Christmas brunch, will be hosted by the same team on December 6 at 11:15 a.m. in the Krasa dining hall.