Benedictine Cultural Clubs Host Taste Around the World Event

Jennifer Flores

Staff Writer

The Culture Day/Taste Around the World event was held on November 7th in the Kindlon Atrium.  This event took place from 12:00-4:00 and displayed an array of food provided by the cultural clubs of Benedictine. This event was designed to display the various foods that can be found across a multitude of cultures.

The Polish Club organized the Culture Day with a ticket system to buy food. Every ticket was worth a dollar and every club chose what price they wanted to sell their food for.

Some of the clubs that participated in this event were the: Polish Club (BPSA), Hindu Student Association (HSA), Black student Union (BSU), and the Students Organize for Syria (SOS).

The prices for the food featured at the event ranged from one ticket to six tickets. With food variations from samosas, deviled eggs, potato pancakes and falafels, there was something for everyone. Some of the clubs had to close early due to running out of food.

Benedictine students participate in the Culture Day event. Photo Credit: Jennifer Flores.

HSA President Aditya Kapoor mentioned that this was the second time in his college career he had seen an event like this, but this Culture Day was the biggest he had seen

“I truly believe that this a complete success,” said Kapoor.

Events such as this one help to shed a light on the diversity that can be found throughout the Benedictine campus and community.