Emily Nitti

Staff Writer

Ibithaj Muhammad posing with her new Barbie doll. Photo Courtesy of the Barbie Instagram page.

Barbie has been making history since she was first created in 1959. From her 130 careers, being a fashion icon and the empowerment she has brought to young girls all over the world, she will make another historical milestone in 2018.

On November 13, the Barbie brand announced that they have created its first doll wearing traditional Muslim hijab. This doll is the newest addition to the brand’s Shero program. The Shero program honors admirable women and their achievements.

This year’s honoree is Olympic fencer Ibithaj Muhammad. Muhammad was the first Muslim American woman to compete in the Olympics while dawning her hijab.

Muhammad’s excitement can be seen in her recent Instagram post. Photo credit to Ibithaj Muhammad’s Instagram.

Muhammad posed with the new doll on the Barbie Instagram with the caption, “We are so excited to honor @IbithajMuhammad with a one-of-a-kind #Barbie doll! Ibithaj continues to inspire women and girls everywhere to break boundaries.”

Customers will be able to purchase Muhammad’s doll in 2018.