If Organs Were Life Lessons, What Would They Teach You?

Lubna Ziauddin

Staff Writer

Our body is made up of eleven major organ systems, with a total of 79 organs in the human body. Our organs are (literally) a part of us and have been with us through our best and worst moments. So if some of our organs were life lessons, what would they teach you?


Our kidneys have been through a lot, especially with removing all of the waste in our blood and balancing our bodily fluids. But the thing about kidneys is that as vital as they are, they come in pairs. Kidneys teach us that everyone deserves a second chance. So just in case something goes wrong the first time, don’t forget about the second chance directly on the other side of your body.


Our skin is largest organ and the biggest barrier between our insides and the outside of the world. However, our skin is considered to have low permeability and exclusive to only certain molecules and compounds. So if our skin could talk, it would probably tell you to be open to new ideas (with caution of course!). Some things are worth letting in.

Organs are such an important part of the human body. If they were life lessons, what would the lessons be? Photo Credit:


The brain has a multitude of functions varying from motor skills all the way to thoughts and emotions. It is widely believed that our brain is what makes us human. However, our brain’s sole source of energy is glucose. So if our brains could talk, they would probably tell you not to be so picky when it comes to the experiences we use to define ourselves.

Finally, if all the organs in our bodies were one giant life lesson, it would be how to work together. We all come from a variety of backgrounds and diversities, just like how our organs live in various parts of our body with all sorts of functions. But in the grand scheme of things, our body lives in harmony because all the organs work together.