Stranger Things Season 2: What Changed?

Claudia Rojas

Staff Writer

*Note: This article contains spoilers*

Many people have spent this past weekend binge watching the new season of the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. With lots of hype about the new season, many people were looking forward to watching the show when it premiered on Friday, October 27th.

This new season of Stranger Things came out right around Halloween and it wasn’t planned that way, originally. Ross Duffer, one of the creators of Stranger Things, stated that he and the other contributors of the show were meeting at Netflix and they couldn’t figure out how to premiere the new season a year after the premiere of season one, in July. They tossed around the idea of releasing it in December but settled on October which then lead to shooting for a Halloween release date.

Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things season two even bigger than season one. Photo Courtesy of Stranger Things IMDB.

Much of season two of Stranger Things included major character development, mostly centering on the development of the kids as well as introducing new characters to the show. Steve Harrington, Nany’s boyfriend, also played by Joe Keery, is one of the characters that changed the most in this season. Harrington went from being a non-likeable character in season one to being a hero in season two.

Many characters also grow closer, like Hopper and Eleven. In season two, their relationship develops into more of a father-daughter relationship and seems very endearing, helping the viewers to understand the individual characters just by watching the duo.

With the “demodogs”, Will’s terrible luck, the Mind Flayer and puberty all wrapped into one crazy season of Stranger Things, lots of people are patiently (but not truly patiently) awaiting season three, which is set to premiere within the next couple of years.

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