World Series Prediction

Kyle Bock

Sports Editor

After the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS and the Houston Astros defeated the New York Yankees in the ALCS, the stage is now set for the 2017 World Series.  Due to the MLB All-Star Game not deciding who will have home field advantage anymore and the Dodgers having the best record for the regular season, Los Angeles has home field advantage in the World Series and won the first game Tuesday.

Not only do the Dodgers have the home field advantage in the series, but they also are well rested after only taking five games to win the NLCS while the Astros went to a seven game series. This will give them a slight advantage because their already strong pitching staff will have a few extra days of rest compared to the Astros who won the last game of the ALCS just a few days ago.

The Dodgers also have more playoff experience than the Astros. Making the playoffs in every season since 2013, the Dodgers are battle tested and are ready for this moment. In the other dugout, the Astros have only made the playoffs one other time since their 2005 World Series loss, and their young roster will likely not be ready for the pressures of the World Series.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw pitches in a game earlier this season. Photo courtesy of ESPN.

My prediction is that the Dodgers will take game one behind a strong pitching performance by Star Pitcher Clayton Kershaw and will go on to win the World Series in six games. Look for Rookie standout Cody Bellinger to win the World Series MVP for the Dodgers.