The Candor

Benedictine University Open Mic and Slam Poetry Night

Zaakirah Mujid

Staff Writer

Benedictine University hosted its annual poetry slam/open mic night Thursday night in CoalBen, where students, staff and community members got the opportunity to read, rap and/or sing their original poems. The event gave students and faculty members the opportunity to share their original pieces that have a significant meaning to their lives.

Graduate Kelly Raymundo read her poem that had a very strong emotional meaning to her life. Her poem showed raw emotion and strength in both her words and delivery.

“I found out my mom has stage four lung cancer,” said graduate Kelly Raymundo.

Like Raymundo, many others during the night shared important moments in their lives with the audience. Breaking down stereotypes was another theme of the night. Student Selma Demir did an original rap on Muslims and blacks and challenging stereotypes.

Freshman Hailey Taylor performs her poem on texting and interpersonal relationships. Photo Credit: Zaakirah Mujid

The night ended with a competitive slam portion. Participants in the preliminary round performed their first poem, and the judges selected three performers to move on to the finals. Sophomore Mutaz Abdin received third place. Junior Dania Salem took second place with her poem about friends. First place was won by Lekeja Dawson from Chicago with her poem about the birth of her daughter who she brought on stage with her during the performance.

The event was well attended and showed how popular it has become over recent years. The night was not only a time for students to show their artistic abilities, but also an opportunity for the community to come together and support one another.