Benedictine Baseball Completes 100 Inning Game

Kyle Bock

Sports Editor

The Benedictine Baseball team held its annual 100 inning game fundraiser this past week at the Benedictine – Lisle Sports Complex. The team plays the game as a way to raise funds for their upcoming season and allows the team to financially be able to afford their spring trip, where they typically play 10-12 games in Central Florida.

Benedictine Third Baseman Sam Kerr participates in the annual 100 inning game. Photo Credit:

Benedictine players each receive donations from donors based on how many innings that they play. For example, if someone was to donate ten cents per inning played and that player played all one hundred innings, that player would make ten dollars for the program. With over 40 players currently on the roster, the money adds up fast.

In order to speed up a game that is more than ten times longer than the average baseball game, the team brought a pitching machine onto the field in place of a pitcher. The Benedictine squad was also split into four teams and everybody had a chance to hit, including pitchers.

“It’s a good chance for everybody to have fun out on the field,” said Junior Pitcher Frank Greco, “Pitchers like myself, who normally don’t have the chance to hit, have the chance to take a few swings.”

The Benedictine baseball team wraps up their fall season this Saturday when they take on the College of DuPage at the Benedictine – Lisle Sports Complex.