A Pre-Med’s Guide to Netflix

Lubna Ziauddin

Staff Writer

For every undergraduate student hopeful for admission into medical school, including myself, they want to soak in as much medicine as they possibly can. Whether it be in all of their prerequisite classes and clinical experiences, let’s face it-pre-med students want to slam in as much medicine in their free time as possible including in the late night Netflix binge. So whether the student is a hopeless romantic for Grey’s Anaotomy, a medical mystery fanatic for House, or a nonfiction medical documentary junkie, here is my Pre-Med’s guide to Netflix:


Greys’ Anatomy

If the pre-med student is thinking about going down the surgical path and love a classic TV show drama, this is their show. Following the life of Meredith Grey, the daughter of the surgical legend Ellis Grey, and her friends, the audience is not only exposed to various surgical procedures, but left with a couple teary-eyed moments here and there. While this show isn’t exactly as medically accurate as it can be, what it does show is the reality that life as a surgical intern is like making the hospital a new home. As much as people love this show, the creator Shonda Rhimes has a tendency to kill off almost every character viewers grow an attachment to, so if one can deal with the pain of losing their favorite character after a couple of seasons, binge on.

Binge-watching shows hasn’t been easier for Pre-med students looking to learn. Photo Credit:

Diagnostic Medicine:


One of the biggest reasons why people loved House is because the show left the audience confused as to what the heck was going on with the patient up until the very last moment, when House reveals the simplicity of the diagnosis. As a future doctor, the biggest skill has to be being able to diagnose a condition with scattered clues from labs, tests, and physical exams. While this is a TV show, if Pre-med students pay close attention, they can pick up all the small diagnosis techniques and (hopefully) use them in the future.


The Girl Whose Muscles are Turning to Bone

This show follows the story of a seven-year old girl, Luciana Wulken, who suffers from an incurable disease known as Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a disease which turns damaged muscle tissue into bone. While this disease affects nearly one in 2 million people, what makes it interesting is that this documentary follows her life, allowing the viewers to not only see her day-to day actions, but also get a glimpse of the treatment plan her doctors formed for her.