Benedictine Moves Up BenTalk to Discuss Trump’s DACA Decision

Jennifer Flores

News Writer

The Trump administration announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA). This decision will affect thousands of people in our country including those in our Benedictine community. DACA is an immigration policy that would protect children who entered the country illegally to receive a work permit and pursue higher education.

Benedictine responded to this decision by engaging the student body with a talk about the change in the new BenTalks series. The BenTalks, that are supposed to be the first Wednesday of every month, was moved up to today to discuss the topic.

Benedictine responded to the President’s DACA decision by engaging the student body with a talk about the change in the new BenTalks series. Photo Credit: Omair Ali

The BenTalks series works to bring together and educate students about “Dreamers”. Juan Garcia, a Benedictine Alumni and Advocate of immigration rights, was invited to present in the talks but will unfortunately not be able to make it. Garcia works to get rid of the misconceptions that surround DACA.

“These kids that only know the U.S. that want to do the same thing [as citizens] and have the same opportunities and have it stripped away from them,” Garcia said, “We want to educate [students] as much as possible and just educate people about what DACA is and what I get a lot is [misunderstandings] about the program.”

According to Garcia, there are students at the University that will be affected both personally or with someone close to them.

BenTalks being moved up show how the school is striving to bring attention to the significance of this issue. DACA not only affects our students but our University as a whole. To close off the doors to students would go against our Catholic values.

“Our University will continue to be a welcoming place for all students, regardless of immigration status,” said President Brophy in an email to campus.

The Ben Talks will be held at 12:15 in Goodwin Hall 411.