Walmart Making Major Changes

Claudia Rojas

Staff Writer

Walmart, the multinational retailing corporation, has decided to get rid of thousands of overnight positions nationwide. This will have a large impact on more than 430 of its neighborhood locations. This change will shift overnight stocking employees to the daytime hours, using technology to expedite the process of stocking.

Walmart believes that this major change will bring the employees closer to its customers.  There are two main factors that the company believes will benefit its employees. First, that consistent in-store experience, providing customers with more service and assistance and second, employees will have more face-to-face time with customers, fellow associates and management.

If overnight employees cannot switch to daytime hours and wish to keep their overnight hours, Walmart claims, “…We will work with nearby supercenters or distribution centers to see if there are options to better fit their schedules.”

Walmart has decided to get rid of thousands of overnight positions nationwide. Photo Credit:

However, BuzzFeed News spoke to a few Walmart employees who pointed out some concerns they had regarding the change, “…Stocking is more difficult with customers present during the day, since it can involve large pallets, equipment, and bulky merchandise…Others said that overnight maintenance — such as buffing and waxing floors — will be more challenging during crowded business hours.”

Walmart’s employees will be adapting to the major learning curve that will come with their new shifts. One might imagine their experience as starting at a new job because of the different employees who’ve never worked together are now sharing the same shifts and learning new duties. Only time will tell how both Walmart’s employees and their customers will adapt to this big change.