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Blackhawks Marian Hossa to Sit Out 2017-18 Season

Kyle Bock

Sports Editor

The 2017-18 Chicago Blackhawks played their preseason intersquad scrimmage this weekend at the United Center in front of a sold-out crowd, but a familiar face didn’t join them on the ice.

The three-time Stanley Cup Champion Forward Marian Hossa will miss the entire season after developing a rare skin rash during the offseason. At this time, it is unsure exactly what he is allergic to, but it is believed that the rash has some connection to the pads and gloves that Hossa wears when he is out on the ice.

Blackhawks Forward, Marian Hossa to miss 2017 season with rare skin disorder (Credit: Sporting News)

Hossa remains hopeful that he will eventually return to the Blackhawks, but the odds are against him. Hossa is already 38 years old, which isn’t exactly young for an NHL Forward, where speed and quickness are two of a player’s most important assets.

When speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Hossa’s dermatologist said, “Sometimes taking a break from the equipment and letting the skin heal is best. If you can completely avoid wearing the pads, it should get better.”

Hossa will be placed on the long-term injured reserved list which will allow the Blackhawks to open up the salary cap space that was previously held by Hossa’s contract while they wait for him to recover and hopefully return.