New Student Parking Lots on Campus

Logan Hanson


Benedictine University has altered the on-campus parking lots to help remedy the daily struggle of students and faculty to find parking. Parking lots around the campus have been altered for the new school year as certain lots have been changed from faculty exclusive lots to general student parking, most significantly the parking lot behind Scholl Hall.

The lots across campus have also been color coded to define what each is, so students may better avoid getting a parking ticket from the campus police.


Benedictine University has implemented a new color coded parking system as shown above. Photo Credit: Logan Hanson.

“Please be aware of all the parking signs: GREEN is for Faculty/Staff, YELLOW is for General Parking and ORANGE is for Resident Parking,” said the Benedictine University Police Department in an email delivered to all students.

Parking permits are still required in all lots except for the parking garage and Krasa parking lot. The permits come in four types: Faculty/Staff, Resident, Commuter and Visitor and are still free according to the Benedictine University website. Students may also park in Faculty/Staff parking lots after 5 PM, but must move their vehicle before 7 AM the next morning.

Students who do receive a citation may appeal the decision by bringing it to the Citation Appeals Board. Students may appeal by filling out an appeal form, attaching their citation and bringing it to the University Police Department or by filling out the online appeal form which can be found at