Benedictine Debuts New Logo

Logan Hanson


Benedictine University students were given a surprise when they arrived on campus for the first day of classes. A new logo was prominently displayed at the front entrance of the campus, but if that was not enough, it was also displayed in various buildings across the school grounds, on the front page of the university’s website and plastered across everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs in the bookstore.

“The new logo is representative of BenU’s history and is a symbol of change for where BenU is going in the future,” Executive Director of Marketing & Communications Mercedes Robb said, “The wordmark is progressive and sophisticated, legible at a variety of sizes and reflects the University’s welcoming personality.”

Benedictine debuted its new logo for the 2017-2018 school year.
Photo Credit: Ben,edu

The new logo has similar elements of the one it replaced including the same white and red colors and the cross from the St. Benedict Medal. However, the cross itself has now been placed inside of a banner giving the logo a solid and distinct outline. Also, the circles of the cross, which represent the C, S, P and B from the St. Benedict Medal and stand for Crux Santi Patris Benedicti  or “The Cross of our Holy Father Benedict”, are now put in between each of the cross arms within the banner.

Students have already been able to tell the difference around campus.

“I like it, I think it is better with the times,” said Senior Richard Montelbano, “The school is on the rise and I think they’re trying to keep up with the new excitement being generated around campus. It also still has the St. Benedict cross so it still has elements with the old which is nice too.”

Benedictine University has a whole new look and is happy to share the excitement with all students and staff.