“Cult” TV Show Returns as AHS Premieres

Emily Nitti

Scene Writer

AHS fans assemble! Ryan Murphy’s popular TV series American Horror Story, premieres its seventh season September 5, 2017 with American Horror Story: Cult, and it’s said to be the most disturbing yet engaging season yet. The new season discusses the controversial presidential election, showing clips Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton during their presidential campaigns in a trailer for the season. Murphy goes as far as including a montage of the campaign by talk of “draining the swamp” and building a wall. There are news broadcasts discussing Clinton’s emails and Trump proponents chanting his name.

The season could end there, it’s terrifying enough, but it doesn’t. Murphy brought back some of the series fan favorites for the seventh season. Top series actors such as Evan Peters, playing Kai Anderson and Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson, playing Ally Mayfair-Richards. Murphy has also brought along a star-studded supporting cast including: Emma Roberts, Lena Dunham, John Carroll Lynch and Chaz Bono.

American Horror Story returns for its seventh season with American Horror Story: Cult. Photo Credit:

The season name, American Horror Story: Cult, also gives promise as the word cult has become synonymous with violence and crime. Perhaps nothing could give Murphy more creative leeway or stronger story lines than following the terrifying idea of cult life.

This season is said to keep you constantly engaged, unlike previous seasons where episodes seemed to get distracted or overstep their creativity to absurdity. This season is promised to start off strong and end even stronger, whereas last season began with strong ideas and concepts, but ended with a silly finish.

Will Murphy be able to pull off the post-election satire he is striving for? In this time of hysteria, he should be equipped with more than enough material to be successful.