Logan Hanson


The Benedictine University Lisle campus has changed its Smoking/Tobacco policy to prohibit the use of tobacco products, smoking and vaping on campus that began August 1st. In an email sent to the students, the University made the change, “In consideration of the health risks to community members, environmental impact and community member feedback.”

According to Vice President of Student Life Marco Masini, the Benedictine

Benedictine University begins new school year with prohibiting the use of tobacco products, smoking and vaping from the campus. Photo Credit: Ben.edu

University staff has been revisiting the smoking policy for the Lisle campus, “over the past few years.”

“This change may not be easy, however this policy change reinforces our commitment to preserving and improving the health of our students, faculty, staff and guests” said Masini, “In making this decision, we reflected on our Benedictine roots of addressing the common good of the community and also listening to the community.”

Although tobacco will not be allowed near or inside buildings on campus, the University will allow those who desire to use the products to do so in their cars. The University will also announce cessation programs for employees and students on a regular basis throughout the year.

“The commitment to a tobacco-free campus is a responsibility we all share together, whether you are a tobacco user or not,” said Masini.

Benedictine University urges all community members, staff or student, to remind other individuals of the new policy in a kind and courteous manner. The new policy will also be enforced like any other violation of student conduct or University employment.