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New TSwift Song is a Record Breaker

Emily Nitti

Staff Writer

Taylor Swift’s New Song “Look What You Made Me Do” is as popular as it is controversial. Photo Credit:

Taylor Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do” has already broken multiple records in the first week of its release. According to, the Swift single set the global first day streaming record on the popular music app Spotify. If that wasn’t enough the song’s lyric music video broke the record for the most views for that type of video on Youtube with over 19 million views in 24 hours. The song is also the top song on iTunes according to Variety.

The song, much darker and edgier than Swift’s typical pop star sound, has received a lot of attention as it seems to call out multiple celebrities that Swift has had issues with in the past. These celebrities include Kanye West who had one of the most infamous music award moments when he called out that Beyoncé had “one of the greatest music videos of all time,” as Swift was receiving the award. This issue was further complicated when West released his song “Famous” last year where he says that he made her famous because of that moment.

Other celebrities that fans have speculated Swift has gone after in the song include West’s wife Kim Kardashian who last year posted a video of West and Swift discussing the song Famous after Swift had denied knowing about the song’s intentions and pop star Katy Perry who Swift has had problems with in the past.

The new song has split Swift fans with those who miss her old, upbeat style and those who enjoy her new, edgy style. The song’s full music video will premiere on Sunday night during the 2017 MTV VMAs.