Bears Trade Up For Mitchell Trubisky

Daniel Dalenberg

Staff Writer

On Thursday night in the first round of the NFL Draft, Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace did everything he could to land former North Carolina Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. After the Cleveland Browns selected Defensive End Myles Garret first overall, the Bears made a big splash when they traded from the third overall pick to the second.  In doing so, the Bears gave the San Francisco 49ers the third overall pick, a third round pick, a fourth round pick and a 2018 third round pick. A steep price to pay, but for Pace there was no price too high for Trubisky.

Chicago Bears first round pick, Quarterback Mitchell Turbisky, poses with his new team’s draft jersey. Photo Credit:

“There are times when you’ve got to be aggressive, and when you have conviction on a guy, you can’t sit on your hands. I just don’t want to be average around here; I want to be great. And these are the moves you have to make,” said Pace, “His potential to be a championship quarterback…is all we focused on in this move. We feel we have the perfect environment for his development.”

The environment that Trubisky will develop in is one where he will not be the starting Quarterback day one. After signing Quarterback Mike Glennon in free agency, the Bears have been adamant that he is still the starter.

“Glennon is our starting quarterback. We’ll focus on Mitch’s development and Mike Glennon winning games for the Chicago Bears,” said Pace.

However, Trubisky is ready for this role after being a backup most of his college career until this past season at North Carolina.

“I couldn’t imagine myself in a better spot,” said Trubisky, “I know how to learn behind a guy, and I’m excited to learn behind Mike.”

Trubisky showed a lot of promise in his sole season as a starting quarterback, in which he completed 68.2% of his passes for 30 touchdowns and only six interceptions.  However, Trubisky’s inexperience brings a lot of risk.

“To be fair, Trubisky might turn out to be a terrific player and all this worry might prove overblown, but the pick is incredibly risky for a team with a head coach on the hot seat,” said ESPN Bears beat reporter Jeff Dickerson, “If Trubisky doesn’t work out, Pace takes the fall. End of story. And the misery continues.”

While Pace has been under heavy scrutiny from Bears fans for the Trubisky move, only time will tell if the selection was the right one.

“Would Bears fans like to win the draft day grades from analysts or football games?  Let’s evaluate (Pace) after these guys play,” tweeted ESPN 1000 radio host David Kaplan.

Like the move or not, it is the Trubisky era for the Chicago Bears.

“When given my opportunity, I’m looking forward to take full advantage of it. It’s all about helping the Chicago Bears win and that’s what I’m looking forward to most,” said Trubisky.

“I know how to learn behind a guy, and I’m excited to learn behind Mike.””I know how to learn behind a guy, and I’m excited to learn behind Mike.”