Jessica Buettner

Staff Writer

The Benedictine Theater Club is well-known for putting on amazing productions of shows, such as “A Christmas Carol,” “The Bold, the Young and the Murdered,” and “Robin Hood and his Merry Men.” This semester, the Benedictine Theater Club came together to put on a production of “The Odd Couple.” Once again, this play was directed by graduating seniors, Jake Brown and Sam Venezia, and the cast included a wide variety of talent.

Photo credits: Lina Zhu

The play tells the story of a young man named Felix who attempts to kill himself after becoming a divorcee. He believes that he has nothing left to live for since he is no longer a married man, living with his wife and two kids. Felix goes to his friends who are all playing a good game of poker at Oscar’s home and they notice that Felix is depressed. The friends find out that Felix is getting a divorce and needs to find a place to stay. Oscar decides to step up and give him a place to stay because he wants to be a nice friend to him. However, things get a little bit crazy as they realize that they are very different when it comes to their living styles.

Jacob Tarlow, a junior who plays Oscar in this version of the famous play, states that he was involved in theater growing up in middle school, but he didn’t get to do it in high school.

“I thought joining theater club would be a great way to redeem myself and I am glad that I did. It helped reignite my love for acting and I got to make many awesome friends in the process,” stated Tarlow.

Even though the play is mostly focused around the guys that are best friends, there are female characters that play a part as well. With a little help from Oscar, Felix meets two lovely young ladies that live in the same apartment building that Oscar does.

“I play a character who goes by the name of Gwendolyn Pigeon,” said Aubree O’Connor as she described the character that she portrayed in the show. “She has a sister named Cecily Pigeon (portrayed by Haniah Jasso) and they are originally from Britain.”

When it comes to the theater club, they are really dedicated to producing great productions for the Benedictine community to enjoy. However, with seniors Jake Brown and Sam Venezia graduating this year, there are things that are going to be changed in the theater. This includes a different executive board, and hopefully some new shows that are going to be shown in the next year.

“From what I have heard, the new presidents want to try and put on a fall musical. I really hope that that happens and I think that it will be a fun thing for the club to experience,” Tarlow commented about the future plans for the club.

“We plan to do a summer play, a fall musical as well as a spring play. We have awesome ideas in mind for theater club and we can’t wait to see what’s in store,” O’Connor followed up on what to expect next year.