Lina Zhu

Staff Writer

The Indian Student Association (ISA) and Hindu Student Association (HSA) hosted their annual India Night in Goodwin Auditorium on Friday night, bringing a multi-cultural experience to the Benedictine community.

Photo Credit: Lina Zhu

India Night is an Indian heretic show that includes India’s traditional and modern dances, a fashion show, drama, and instrumental performances. The preparation started last December, when the organizers began to collect the idea of the show, along with dancing practice, writing the scripts and making the video.

“We want to present to you that there is Muslim, Pakistan, [and] everyone coming out one night in school to have fun. Put a smile on everyone’s face and forget about the stress,” explained Kavita Grover, the president of the ISA.

The show started off with the national anthem of both the United States and India. The first show was “The Junoon Classy Acts” performed by an outside dancing group, named Junoon. Shortly after was the HSA hotshots, Bollywood Badmaash, and Golden Divas founded by a group of Benedictine faculty. It has been the third year that Benedictine teachers have been apart of the India Night Show.

“It’s kind of hard to remember all the steps and we keep changing until the last minute. But it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s a very fun dance to learn,” said Dr. Ellen Ziliak, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computational Science at Benedictine, who was a newcomer this year to the show.

Photo Credit: Lina Zhu

“Everybody is interested in dancing. The crowd is getting bigger and bigger. We used to just have the teacher from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. And this year we have the college of Science, College of Liberal Arts. They all have shown the interest in dancing, so here we are,” explained Dr. Sarathy, the Assistant Professor of the Biological Sciences at Benedictine. Dr. Sarathy was also the faculty adviser of India Night and the main dancer in the performance.

There was a 30 minute intermission during the show where participants could enjoy the traditional Indian food, like samosas. After a short break, students came back to the second part of the show to see shows that included an instrumental solo by Tabla Tamasha, a fashion show, Bhangra di ranis performed by teachers and BUBC bhangra by Benedictine University bhangra crew.

“I love the professor’s attire and the ‘competition’ between the violinist and the drummer. I know the ISA members worked hard to put the show together so it was really great seeing the results. I would actually really love to be a part of the future India Nights,” said Roshelle Gaytan, Benedictine sophomore.

“As a part of the India Student Association, we want to bring about the culture and diversity that is India. When it comes to the Hindu Student Association, we want to bring the faith aspect to India. If you are Hindu, Hika or Atheist, we want to make sure that you’re in a comfortable environment. We do activities for everything we relate to,” said Aditya Kapoor, the Vice President of HSA.