The Candor

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery

Emily Nitti

Staff Writer

In July of 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of toddler Caylee Anthony in Orlando, FL. The Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel has decided to continue the series of uncovering unsolved murder crimes by moving on to figuring out what really happened to Caylee Anthony.

To help viewers get the true story, the networks new docuseries has included interviews with the investigators from the trial and the parents of Casey Anthony. Viewers we able to see the mother of Casey Anthony and Cindy while she gave praise to her daughter for overcoming this tragedy. However, we are also able to see the lies Anthony crafted for the police, the discovery of the car with a very distinct smell, and what lead the police to suspect Anthony of the murder.

Casey Anthony continues to maintain her innocence in the death of her daughter Caylee and insists that she still does not know how her daughter’s life ended so soon. She still claims she is unable to fill in the blanks of what happened during the duration of the investigation that came from her daughter’s disappearance and death.

The docuseries first episode aired Sunday April 9, while the second and third part of the series aired this week. The network plans to air this series regularly for anyone who may have missed it or just want to pick up on any missed clues of what really happened the Caylee.