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Sports Editor

The Benedictine Police Department is continuing the investigation of an incident that occurred in the Founders Woods apartments on March 11th. The alleged incident was against a student who received anti-gay taunts and has been under investigation for the past two weeks.

“I have been here ten years, in my view it is unique,” said Chief of Campus Police Derek Ferguson, “Less people are reporting it to us, which I would encourage them to [do].”

The police department is currently in the process of interviewing witnesses to the incident as they continue to gather information.

“These occurrences are rare on campus, again, unless they are reported to us,” said Ferguson.

Benedictine President Michael Brophy stated the university’s position in an email sent to the campus Wednesday.

“In a recent Benedictine student newspaper article, it was reported that hate crimes have been prevalent at the Lisle campus. While we have not received reports to support this statement, we have taken this report seriously and will continue to investigate any such claims as soon as they are brought forward by any community member,” stated Brophy.

Some of the campus community were moved by the incident.

“I think it’s terrible,” said junior resident Lauren Bosman, “This campus is usually a place of diversity and acceptance, but I guess we still have a long way to go.”

“The University provides an environment for our community members to learn and grow with each other,” said Brophy. “As a Benedictine community committed to the safety of all, we remain forever vigilant in maintaining respectful settings for living and learning.”

Students are not alone in their concern as campus staff and faculty has also taken note of the incident.

“I’m deeply concerned and troubled given what has been reported so far,” said Associate Professor Wilson Chen, “At the same time, I want more information to get a better sense of what happened that night and how we should address this as a university.”

Marissa Perez contributed to the story

Story update: The date of the incident was corrected to state March 11.