The Candor

AdeptiCon Gaming Con 2017

Claudia Rojas

Staff Writer

Thousands of war gamers attended the tabletop war gaming convention that came into town at the Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel this past weekend.

The convention center was packed with people who love to play tabletop miniature war games and the attendees were able to meet and bond with others who shared the same interests. The AdeptiCon attendees also participated in several war game tournaments and were given a chance to win big prizes if they won the tournaments.

AdeptiCon is a convention that celebrates the fun experience of tabletop war gaming and welcomes thousands of war gamers each year to play together and discover new gaming universes.

According to AdeptiCon’s Facebook page, they have expanded their event from 110 attendees in 2002 to 3,000 in 2016, and have held, “…a handful of events to well over 375 tournaments, event games, and hobby seminars covering all aspects of the miniature war gaming hobby.” AdeptiCon’s Facebook page goes on to say that, “their main focus has and always will be to give their attendees the best war gaming experience possible each year.”

There are two attendees of AdeptiCon in particular who certainly enjoyed the event.

Bob Clifford attended AdeptiCon on the third day of its four-day occurrence. He has been playing a wide variety of war games for more than 10 years and was ecstatic to learn about AdeptiCon and how close it was to his hometown.

“I heard about AdeptiCon from MiniWarGaming’s YouTube channel, in a video titled ‘MWG at AdeptiCon!!! Come Meet Us!’,” said Clifford,  “I was excited once I realized that the convention was only an hour away; it dawned on me that Tim, Josh and I could all meet our MiniWarGaming heroes.”

Tim Folkers also attended AdeptiCon on its third day this weekend. Tim has been playing war games for more than 10 years. One of Tim’s favorite types of strategic gaming is war gaming for several reasons.

“I like war gaming because it requires a lot of patience and critical thinking,” said Folkers, “I think one of the best aspects of war gaming is the storytelling and it requires more active participation than video gaming. There is always variety and it is a hobby that can last a lifetime.”

AdeptiCon 2017 was such a success that many people are already booking their VIG badges for AdeptiCon 2018. See you next year war gamers!