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Commuter Appreciation Month: Annual Free Commuter Breakfast

Lina Zhu

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 8, Benedictine Commuter Service and Student Activities and Leadership Development hosted their monthly free breakfast for commuters in the walkway of Kindlon on the second floor to kick off Commuter Appreciation Month.

The breakfast ran from 9:00-10:30 am, with servings including; muffins, donuts, cinnanon rolls, fruit cups as well as drinks such as coffee and orange juice.

The breakfast became crowded around 9:30 am, when the majority of the students get out of their first class.

“They (Commuter service) do a pretty good job. Donuts are my favorite,” said Shrjia Raghavarapu, who found out about the event from the Commuter Service Facebook page.

“The food choices are pretty good. I like the coffee and donuts. But sometimes it runs out early. And we need to come here early,” Sanian Raheem described.

Photos by Lina Zhu

“Anytime I don’t have to spend money on food, that’s great. The food itself is fine. I’m not going to be picky because it’s free,” said Genevieve Murray, who lives 45 minutes away from school. Murray usually gets breakfast on her way to school or at the Kindlon coffee shop. Therefore, the free breakfast is very attractive for her.

Commuter Student Appreciation Month takes place in March and is dedicated to commuter students, which is a Commuter Assistance Program supported by Student Activities and Leadership Development.

“We want commuter students to feel appreciated and involved in the Benedictine community. Enhancing the experience of Commuter Students through services, programs, and advocacy while encouraging them to become active and engaged participants of the Benedictine University community,” stated Janet Beltran, the Student Assistant of the Commuter Service.

There are more events to come this month in honor of Commuter Appreciation Month. Some of them include a free commuter lunch on Thursday, March 16, and make your own sign on Wednesday, March 29. Students can check out the Commuter Service’s Facebook page or the Benedictine Student Activities website for details on the upcoming events.