BenU Student Assaulted After Receiving Anti-Gay Taunts

By Marissa Perez

Editor in Chief

Editor’s note: This article contains language some people might find offensive.

A Benedictine student alleges he was assaulted Saturday due in part to his sexual orientation.

“I was hit from the side. I just know they both jumped me but the main guy hit me in the eye,” said the victim.

The victim, a Benedictine senior whose name is being withheld, stated he and his friends were going to an apartment and were followed by two men that they didn’t know.

According to the victim, everyone had entered the apartment and started to socialize until one of the two unknown men started to use offensive language towards him.

“We started playing around and the main guy started to get mad and the ‘fag’ word started to come out of his mouth, I didn’t let him just speak to me like that so I defended myself,” said the victim.

The other unknown student tried to calm things down and then the two left. The victim said that he and his friends walked out as well and this is when things started to escalate.

“He and his friend started getting physical despite them just being calm in the room. I guess they needed a crowd,” stated the victim.

According to the victim, the main instigator ran up the stairs and started fighting with him. All of a sudden, the second male student grabbed the victim’s sweater and pulled him down the stairs. He landed on his knee and ankle and was struggling to get up when he was then punched in the eye.

The police were called and the victim was taken to the police department for questioning where he told the police his side of the story.

“The University Police and the Residence Life staff responded to several incidents this past weekend involving students and their guests,” said Marco Masini, Vice President-Student Life in an email to The Candor.  “Immediate care was provided to the students involved and individuals who violated BenU policies were trespassed and/or ticketed. The incidents remain under investigation.”

“I have noticed that hate crimes are more prevalent in our school as of late,” said the victim. “They were using the fag word too loosely and that’s when I had to stand up because I notice how people are a victim of hate crime at our school or being made fun of for who they are and our school does not ask if it’s a problem.”

“Hopefully this [incident] helps them to take charge,” said the victim.