March Madness: Why You Should Make a Bracket

Daniel Dalenberg

Staff Writer

Every March, millions of people fill out a March Madness bracket.  March Madness, another name for the NCAA Division I Men’s bask

Villanova Guard shoots over North Carolina defender in last year’s Final Four matchup. Photo Credit:

etball national championship tournament, has become one of America’s most popular sporting events and for good reason, as March Madness always finds a way to be incredibly dramatic.  Upsets, buzzer beaters, big name matchups and seemingly endless great games… March Madness has it all.  With conference championship week going on, and Selection Sunday on March 12th, there is no better time to set your sights on March Madness.

But, before you are convinced that you should join the fun of March Madness, there’s some things you need to know:

  • March Madness is a 68 team, single elimination tournament
  • “Selection Sunday” is the Sunday every year following the conclusion of conference tournaments that the bracket is finalized by the selection committee and revealed to the public
  • The bracket is broken up into four regions, each with one through 16 seeds. One being the best seed.
  • All Division I conference tournament champions receive automatic bids to the tournament. This gives small conference schools a chance to compete with “Power 5 conferences.”
  • The chances of filling out a perfect bracket are one in 9.2 quintillion
  • A “busted” bracket is when many of the teams someone picked to go far have already lost, making it difficult to gain more points.
  • First round games picked correctly get you ten points, second round gets you 20… and so on. Every round’s total points adds up to 320.  (Picking the correct national champion is worth 320)
  • A 16 seed has never upset a one seed in the first round of the tournament

If you aren’t convinced yet…here are the reasons you should fill out a bracket.

  1. It gives you rooting interests: If you love sports you can watch whether your team is playing or not, but isn’t it a lot more fun when your team is playing?  Well, when you fill out a bracket you have a rooting interest in almost every single game!
  2. Compete with your friends: One of the best parts of March Madness is trying to have a better bracket than your friends.  Get a group of friends and make a group.  Determine some sort of prize for the winner and sit back and see whose bracket reigns supreme.
  3. It is unpredictable: Every year, crazy things happen that no one expects. Last year, 15 seed Middle Tennessee State beat a red hot two seed, Michigan State.  While it may upset your bracket as well, it’s always fun watching a David beat a Goliath.
  4. You don’t have to know much about college basketball: While obviously watching games prior to the NCAA tournament would give you a more educated lens through which you make your picks, it doesn’t matter in the end. Picking a bracket is mostly luck. Every year, random people beat college basketball experts. People who haven’t watched a game all year beat those who are huge fans. Just because you don’t know the teams, doesn’t mean you won’t beat someone who does.
  5. It is free: This statement speaks for itself.

Be a part of it.  Make a bracket.  It may turn into something you look forward to every year.