Jessica Buettner

Staff Writer

At this time last year, the Programming Board brought in an A Capella group, Six Appeal, to perform for fellow Benedictine students. This past week, they decided to bring back the group for a second performance to really showcase what they are capable to do. While there were some students that were at the first performance who just wanted to see them again, there were also other students that wanted to get the chance to see what this group was made of.

“We loved it when we came around the first time and we were in the area, so we decided to come back for a second show,” said Andrew Berkowitz as he explained why the group came back for another performance at Benedictine. The group is consists of six members: Andrew Berkowitz, Michael Brookens, Nathan Hickey, Reuben Hushagen, Trey Jones, and Jordan Roll. Each member of the group makes up a different vocal range and/or provides the percussion sounds to keep the beat going. When they all come together, they create a singing group that is bound to put on a show enjoyable for all age groups.

The songs that they performed ranged from all eras and genres of music. From classics like “Wagon Wheel” and “I Want You Back” to popular hits like “Happy” and “Same Love,” it seemed like there was something that everyone could enjoy for themselves.

They have a busy life because they have been performing for audiences across the nation ever since their formation in 2006. They go through the process of pitch-matching to make sure that they are able to get the harmony right for the specific song that they are performing.

“We would love to come back to Benedictine when we get the chance,” commented Berkowitz. “The audience was very interactive and they seemed to enjoy themselves so we would love to get the chance to do it again for the students.”

Other than the a cappella group, the Programming Board plans a bunch of other activities throughout the year so be on the lookout for the next event they have in store.