Lina Zhu

Staff Writer

Photo credit to Lina Zhu

As Valentine’s Day came upon us, Benedictine University Photography Club held a photo booth in Kindlon on Tuesday, February 14. Participants could take three photos with a charge of $1 with Valentine’s Day props and a themed background.

“It is a fun way for people to get involved in different holidays,” said student, Emily Neis, who saw this event from the Facebook page, and then just decided to bring a group of friends to join in. “Everything about it was fun. They had props for us to use and a nice background. It was very nice,”Neis described.

The event went very well. Students posed for the camera with different positions, enjoying a relaxing moment during a rigorous school day.

“I like to take photos. I take a lot of selfies. I enjoy looking at myself,” said fellow student, Jahaven Haye. Haye took a group picture with his friends, saying it was a day their single friends hang out together.

The photos will go the Photography Club’s Facebook account, and students can download their photos from the album.

Students pose for pictures in Kindlon. Photo credit to Lina Zhu

“We decided to do this event to bring the idea of photography to the students,” explained Brittney Ballard, the secretary of the Photography Club.

“A lot of people take pictures off-camera or selfies on Snapchat, and we wanted to bring that to a live event. We hope students can get the idea that photography is fun,” stated Ballard.

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for running an event, as more students are willing to interact and spend their money during the holiday time. Benedictine Photography Club is planning to organize more events in the future, hoping to let students know more about the club, discover the beauty in our life, and enjoy the fun of photography.