Top 5 Best Binge-Worthy Netflix TV-Shows

Lubna Ziauddin     

Staff Writer

If there’s one accomplishment I wish I could put on my resume, it would be my ability to binge on Netflix. Binging takes a lot of determination, patience, and stamina and once you start a binge, you can never go back. With as much experience as I have, here are my top 5 best binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

#5- Gossip Girl


If there’s one show probably every girl has watched, it’s Gossip Girl. The dramatic lives of Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, (and let’s not forget) Dan, have us wishing we were living on the upper east side, and Ivy bound like New York’s social elite. Every Thanksgiving episode will have you shook, as well as every messy love triangle. By the end of this binge, you’ll be ending all your posts with, xoxo- gossip girl.

#4- Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls will also have you feeling happy. Following the lives of not only a single mother and her daughter, but along with everyone else in the small town of Stars Hollow, you develop almost this sort of bond with the characters. From watching Rory start Chilton all the way to her graduating college it really is the perfect show about love, friendship, and family.

#3- House


As someone who just couldn’t deal with Grey’s Anatomy, House was one of my favorite hospital shows. I felt the need to binge not because of the drama between the characters, but rather the cases. Each medical mystery which seemed so complicated at first ended up having the simplest of solutions and as each episode went on I felt that I had enough knowledge to wear the white coat myself and solve these cases along with the rest of the team.

#2- White Collar


While this show seems boring and almost predictable at first, you’ll fall in love with Neil Caffrey. His charm will captivate you to never want to stop watching, and always impressed with just how clever he really is. It’s different to see a criminal working on the other side…or is he?



Hands down probably THE best show to ever binge is Friends. What makes Friends such a great show is that you could start from any episode and you wouldn’t feel lost. While many are bothered by the lack of plot buildup in the show, I always felt that it was the best part. Every episode seemed to be just another day in the life of Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe. It’s so ordinary yet so satisfy to keep watching. The more you binge the more involved you feel in these characters’ lives and you just want to never stop. Trust me, the series finale really did have me saying, “now what do I do with my life?”