Jessica Buettner

Staff Writer

The Black Student Union at Benedictine University held a special event at Coal Ben on Friday night. The event was Open Mic Night and it gave students the chance to take the stage to share their talents with the audience. Whether that talent was sharing a poem that they wrote or singing a song that they like to sing, students pulled off great and memorable performances.

Andrew Tran, a freshman, took the chance to take the stage after one of his friends recommended to him that he should take the chance.

“I was recommended by my friend, Iqra Major, who was another performer in the show because she needed some support,” explained Tran. “So, I came up with a poem I found on the Internet that I read a year ago. It was called Pass On, which is the story of a young man who loses important people in his life while talking about the importance of the wind. It explains how our souls become a part of the wind and go every way and into other people.”

Dwayne Jones, another freshman, decided to share his singing voice with the audience members.

“I decided to perform because I love to sing and perform whenever I can,” said Jones. “On the plus side, I had fun and it was great to experience. I sang ‘Bubbly,’ ‘Halo,’ and ‘I Will Always Love You.”

When it comes to the performances themselves, there were those that really shared a message about the way the world is at this point and how far it has come throughout history.

“I liked how the different acts performed each shared a message about being proud of your race,” stated Tan.

The event seemed to be such a success because there were a good number of people that decided to see what each person had to offer at the open mic night.

“I would love to go to this event again,” expressed Jones. “I think having the confidence to get on the stage and singing in front of an audience made me realize that this is a spectacular moment.”

The Black Student Union hosts different events throughout the year so be on the lookout for the types of events that are going to be coming around in the future.