The Candor

Short Girl Problems


Lubna Ziauddin

Staff Writer

From the very beginning of my conception, the genes were never in my favor. My mother is 4’11 and my father 5’6 and if you go to any “Child Height Predictor” website they’ll all tell you the same fate: female, max height: 5’1. But even then I couldn’t quite reach my prediction. Here I present to you, the top 5 Shortfalls of being 5 feet tall.

Shortfall #1- Being short, but not short enough

Ever see all those empty handicap parking spots at the mall and longingly stare at them while you struggle to find decent parking? In the state of Illinois, in order to be declared a legal midget, one must be shorter than 4’10. With this legal declaration also comes the perk of a handicap spot. So while you may wish you could grow taller, you might find yourself wishing you were 2 inches shorter while you’re walking all the way from the back of the parking lot to the front entrance.

Shortfall #2- In the Car

If I had a penny for how many times I’ve been told, “I couldn’t see
your head past the steering wheel” I’d probably have enough to pay for my tuition. Driving is a whole different struggle at 5 feet. I have to prop myself as high as I possibly can when parking to make sure I can see everything. I even remember in driver’s ed having to use a pillow just so I could see higher. Don’t even get me started on the sun visor. The visor doesn’t even cover my forehead let alone shield me from the sun.

Shortfall #3- Dodging in Class

Unless you sit right in the front, say goodbye to the perfect view of the front of the classroom. The second someone taller than you sits in front of you, you’ll find yourself like Ariana Grande- constantly having to move side to side.

Shortfall #4- Body Proportions



If there’s one struggle all girls at 5 feet will understand- it’s shopping. Finding jeans that may fit your size is one thing, having them be the right length or the right waist size is a whole different struggle.

And finally….

Shortfall #5- Pictures

Unless you have a group of friends who complement your height perfectly, say goodbye to any cute “proportional” instagram pictures. Take one picture with a friend too tall and you’ll look even shorter than you already are.