The Candor

Benedictine Falls Under the Spell of Hypnosis

Jessica Buettner

Staff Writer

There are people out there that are a bit skeptical about the ways of hypnosis and whether or not it is real. This past week, hypnotist Frederick Winters paid the students of Benedictine a visit and made the audience believe in something that is beyond amazing. Winters was not always a hypnotist; he began his young life as a psychology major while he was a student at Northwestern University. He recalls the story of how he went to see a hypnotist one Halloween night at his alma mater.

“It just blew me away, seeing this hypnotist come in, watching my friends get hypnotized, and seeing the audience become mesmerized,” Winters recalls his first experience with hypnosis. Seeing what this man could do to a few group of students, he knew that he wanted to be a part of the action and become a hypnotist himself. “I went up to the man after the show and I asked him if he could teach me and so he did.”

Once the show began, a dozen students volunteered themselves to become the next victims of Winters’ hypnosis show. Once they were all hypnotized, Frederick made the students do things that they could never imagine themselves doing in real life. Some of these things included acting as if the audience members were part of a petting zoo, having shoes become their cell phones, and acting as if they were each 250 years old while dancing.

Students Samantha Tikalsky and Mutaz Abdin took a chance to see what being hypnotized really felt like.

“It felt like I was really in a deep sleep, kind of like in a trance. I also felt like I had concrete poured all over me,” said Tikalsky while describing her hypnosis experience.

“It felt like I didn’t have control over my body, but at the same time I did,” said Mutaz.

Some of the things that the volunteers do can get really crazy, but according to Winters, that is his favorite part.

“I love getting to perform in front of crowds to show them the sort of things that hypnosis can do to a person. The act of getting a person to go from a conscious state of mind to a completely different and altered state of mind and seeing all of the fun that we can have throughout the show.”

While the students were in a state of hypnosis, they did start to recall some of their strange behavior afterwards.

“I remember running out into the crowd and yelling that aliens were attacking the campus, but there weren’t any aliens,” recalled Tikalsky.

“I remember putting sunscreen on myself and tasting ice cream that was so delicious,” stated Abdin.

The show was a big hit for audience members and the Programming Board hopes to bring in more fun events for the students throughout the rest of the semester. So make sure you are on the lookout for more events coming up if you missed out on this one!